A Taste of Daily Life in the Nursery

A Taste of Daily Life in the Nursery

Teacher: Mrs Scott TAs: Miss Molnar Mrs Cannon/Mrs Fisher

There are thirty nine children in the Nursery.

The children are greeted at the door at 8.55am and they self-register in the cloakroom.

The morning session begins with playing and learning in our various areas in our provision before carpet time starts.

Everyone enjoys choosing time in the setting where the children play and learn in the various areas inside and outside of the classroom. The children join in with adult focused activities throughout the morning. Later in the morning, the children have a phonics session in their colour groups. They are tuning into, listening and remembering sounds.

Lunch is served in the classroom and the children have fun playing games outside with their peers and the lunchtime staff.

The afternoon session starts with a maths activity at carpet time. This is an opportunity to develop their number and counting skills. The Nursery children enjoy a healthy snack later in the afternoon and the day finishes with a story on the carpet. The stars of the day for each colour group are awarded with a special sticker.

We always listen to our pupils' ideas; a digging area has been created. There is lots of fun shovelling, raking and digging using spades, rakes and buckets and finding a variety of minibeasts in the soil!