Ideas to help your Nursery child at St Paul's Peel C.E. Primary School

Sing songs: your child will know some that we sing in school e.g heads shoulders knees and toes.

Encourage a try, try, try attitude.

Encourage your child to move in different ways; jumping, hopping,

Look at wrapping paper and patterns, talk about them, what colours are used, can they describe the pattern?

Extend your child's language if they say ' it's a tree' respond by saying 'that's right it's a green tree'. Introduce new vocabulary and then use that new word regularly so that they become familiar with it

Count the stairs as you go up and down. What comes after 3?

Ask open questions rather than closed. E.g instead of saying did you like it? Say what did you like best?

Share a book.

Listen to sounds that objects make, can they recognise them when they can't see the object? What do they sound like?

Go for a walk, collect things from nature, count the leaves and sort them. Talk about different shapes. Extend your child's language.

Encourage exploration and imagination. Go for a walk to see what you can find. Where do they come from?

What can you do with them? Who lives there?