Our school has a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to provide and maintain an environment that safeguards the health of all staff.

The Health Act 2006 includes provisions to make enclosed public places and workplaces smoke free. The harmful effects of smoking have long been recognised and passive smoking in particular is increasingly seen as a threat to people's health. An estimated 86,000 people die each year from smoking-related diseases, making smoking the single largest cause of illness and death in the UK.

The school operates a no smoking policy (including electronic cigarettes) for the whole of the school premises.

This is strictly enforced and no exceptions are made.

As a school we are committed to promoting the health of our staff and we have decided to:-
* Implement a ban on smoking for all staff during paid working hours.
* Implement a total ban for staff on smoking on school premises, including the school grounds.
* Implement a ban on smoking near to the school entrances.
* The ban on smoking applies to all staff members and visitors.

It is the responsibility of the Headteacher to implement the school no smoking policy and to ensure that all staff aware of the policy and how to deal with any reported incidents.

The Headteacher ensures that all children and parents know that smoking is not allowed in school.

The children are required to learn of the health risks associated with smoking and to understand that it is not allowed within our school.

The Headteacher, who reports to governors about the effectiveness of this policy on request, monitors this policy on a day-to -day basis.