Robinwood November 2018

Date: 25th Nov 2018 @ 7:11pm

Monday 26th November 2018 11.22 a.m.

Arrived safely at Robinwood and everyone is now unpacking!

An action packed afternoon of activities including Piranha Pool, Zip wire and Climbing wall. We were certainly all ready for our tea. One more activity to head out too and then it's Team Challenge before bed. Everyone has been brilliant! 

Well that's us done for our first day. Everyone is in bed. The lights are out...night night

Tuesday 27th November 2018

We're up, we've had breakfast and ready for our first activities.  Everyone slept well and the night staff have said how brilliant the children were as they all settled down to sleep without any fussing. Not only that, but this morning the kitchen staff have been over to say how impressed they are with Year 6 being so polite and having 'beautiful manners'! #veryproudteachers

A very proud Headteacher too!  Miss Barker

It's a bit cold and a bit wet but it hasn't dampened our enthusiasm. We've loved the Giant Swing and now after a lovely dinner and Tuck shop supplies, we're ready for another three activities this afternoon. 

Well we've got some very tired looking children after a full on day of activities. We've tackled the trapeze, explored the caves, mastered archery and tried out the brand new high challenge course! Curry or Fish Fingers for tea and now it's time for Team Challenge to see if Crag Team's lead from last night can be overturned...

A supper of Hot Chocolate and birthday cake to celebrate the two birthdays in Year 6 today and now everyone's in bed. Lights out - Night from all of us here 

Wednesday 28th November 2018

After 'the smoothest pack up we've ever had' (quote from Robinwood staff), we've had breakfast and are ready for the final 3 activities of what has been a brilliant trip.

Well that is Robinwood 2018 done. All that is left is lunch and then we will be on the coach and heading home. It has been a pleasure to bring the children. They've been polite, fun, enthusiastic and given Robinwood their all. Thank you to each and everyone one of them for a fab 3 days. They're excited to see you all. School will send a text message to you to let you know when we have left and when we are due to arrive for you to pick children up. Year 6 team - over and out.


Message from Miss Barker - The estimated time of arrival is approximately  3 o'clock, this is of course dependent on traffic.  I would like to thank all your children for representing school so well.  I would also like to thank Mrs Ward, Mrs Barker, Mrs Allen, Mrs Prideaux and Mr Haller for accompanying your children....thank you everyone!

The coach has arrived safely on Manchester Road!

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