Mission Statement
‘Teamwork Towards Targets in Faith, Hope and Love’

Trusting in God, we aim to:

  • To provide all our children with a broad and balanced  education, based on the National Curriculum, which allows them to acquire knowledge, experience, skills and understanding in order to prepare  them for the responsibilities of adult life.
  • To bridge the gap for children between home and the outside world.* To motivate children to enable them to develop emotionally, academically, intellectually and physically to their full potential, recognising that as they grow up they will develop at different rates and in different ways.
  • To provide a secure, caring, Christian environment which is supportive and stimulating.
  • To encourage a co-operative, caring and community spirit in the children in order to provide a happy, tension-free atmosphere.
  • To welcome and encourage children, parents, governors, members of St. Paul's Peel Church and the community to participate in the life of the school.
  • To do everything possible to ensure that each child enjoys his/her time at this school.
  • The relationships between staff, between pupils and between staff and pupils
  • Our standards of behaviour, the policies on discipline and the values that are inherent in our classroom organisation and relationships and how these are met within the framework of Christian values

St Paul’s Peel C.E. Primary School is a community and, as such we establish the following core values:

  • Tolerance;
  • Respect;
  • Personal responsibility;
  • Recognition of the contribution that everyone makes;
  • Fairness and justice;
  • Willingness to acknowledge others’ points of view;
  • Empathy; cooperation; consideration for other people

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