Nursery 2023 - 2024

Mr Haller

A Taste of Daily Life in the Nursery

Teacher: Mr Haller TAs: Miss Mellor  Mrs Buffey 

The Nursery class consist of 39 children. The children are welcomed into the Nursery classroom by the teachers with a friendly smile, they are eager to spot their name cards and place them in the self-registration box. We then head straight to the carpet, where the children join in with a welcome and days of the week song, before checking on our class Dojos and any pictures that’s have been sent in from home. We have a short teaching input about what we are learning that day before our daily phonics session takes place. This is in our small colour groups to help develop the children’s listening, vocabulary and speaking skills.

Following our phonics session, the children have the opportunity to discover the new learning activities that are on offer. These activities are planned around the children’s interests and build upon new skills, they enable the children to develop their inner unique child; these include playing, creating and learning. They may also take part in adult focused activities and have the opportunity to explore the outdoor environment.

During the morning session the children will take part in a short maths activity, Dough Disco or fine motor skills task.

We say our school prayer, before lunch is served in the classroom; the children have fun playing games outside with their peers and the lunchtime staff.

The afternoon starts with registration and a rhyme or song. We then have a small circle time group, which we will focus on the prime areas of learning. Before, continuing to discover the activities on offer in the learning environment. The Nursery children enjoy a healthy snack and drink of milk later in the afternoon. Stickers and Dojo points are given out as rewards and the day finishes with a story on the carpet and the home time prayer.

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