Class 5/6 2019 - 2020

Mrs Barker

A typical day in Class 5/6

Teacher: Mrs Barker TA: Mrs Allen

8.55am – Our hard working pupils are greeted by the teachers, Mrs Barker and Mrs Allen we are welcomed into the classroom with a smile. We sit down with our reading books and diaries, ready to read. Three times a week we complete an English or maths registration activity.
9:10am Monitors set up the computer, benches and chairs in the hall ready for assembly.
9:15 am Assembly in the hall. We look forward to sung praise on Tuesdays, visits from Sister Dorothy on Thursdays and praising on Fridays.
9:35 Back to the classroom for our first ‘learning stop of the day, which is mathematics with Mrs Barker. We wake up our brains with mental maths activities and challenges. We can then move onto our main lessons of fractions, decimals, percentages and even algebra!
10:40am Break time. Some of us go to do our jobs of selling fruit on the fruit trolley, litter picking or managing children coming through the doors.
10:55am - Back in class we refuel with milk and toast. Then it’s off to our next learning stop.
11:00am English with Mrs Ward. A quick ‘Thunk activity’, (chunk of thinking), to fire up our brains and we’re ready for the learning fun and challenges our teacher has in store. We cover everything from Picture Books to Shakespeare!
12:00pm - Lunch in the hall. During this hour we all go to our jobs or play with our friends. Some work in the school office or others help in the Early Years.
1pm – In the afternoon we learn Science on a Monday and Geography on a Wednesday. We have P.E on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. We also manage to fit in French, Art and Big Maths.
3:00pm - We stop to do Guided Reading in small groups. Now is the chance to read a selection of books that we may not choose for ourselves, whether they be a different genre to the one we usually go for, a new author or the latest book our favourite author has released.
3:30pm – Home time or clubs

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