Phonics and Reading

Phonics and Reading
At St Paul's Peel C.E. Primary School, we use a number of different strategies to promote a child's love of books and encourage them to become confident, independent readers. The children are provided with many opportunities to read, enjoy and share books as well as being exposed to a language rich environment, which provides access to many different types of print. Throughout the school day children are provided with many opportunities to engage in various activities to develop and strengthen their English skills.

At St Paul's Peel C.E. Primary School, pre-reading skills are taught using synthetic phonics and the school follows the Read, Write Inc Scheme.  

Read Write Inc. Phonics is for children from Reception  to Year 4, and children with SEND in older year groups.

With Read Write Inc. Phonics all children:

  • reach the expected standard of the phonics screening check
  • develop reading fluency and read with comprehension
  • develop co-operative behaviour and articulate their ideas and understanding
  • spell and write with confidence.

Staff receive regular training in the teaching of phonics which enables them to deliver interesting, interactive sessions that engage and motivate the children.

Click HERE to go directly to the Read, Write Inc website.

Reading Books
Whilst pupils are on the Read, Write Inc Phonics Scheme they read phonic books. Click HERE to see how you can help your child read using Read, Write Inc Storybooks.  

Once pupils are confident in phonics, pupils take home a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books which are carefully selected to match their current reading level and interests. Parents are requested to listen to their children read and provide comments in their home/school reading record. Once they become independent readers, children select their own reading material and they are also requested to complete a reading task on completion of a book to show their understanding of the text.

Parents are key partners in a child's learning and are invited into school on a regular basis to view their children's work and discuss their progress with the staff.


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