Eco Council

The job of our Eco Council is to ensure that St Paul's Peel C.E. Primary School is an eco-friendly place.

Our Eco Council has been set up in the light of the Government wanting every school to be a sustainable school by 2020. We were successful in achieving the Eco Schools Silver Award in June 2010. To achieve this award we had to show evidence of our Eco work.

Each class from year 2 to year 6 have two representatives on our Eco Council. Meetings are held regularly and our successes so far have been:
* Regular litter picking patrols
* Energy and Water Saving Ideas
* Improving our outdoor environment
* Planting apple trees in the school grounds
* Worked with Walkden Rotary Club to plant edible plants in Walkden (part of the Salford Incredible Edible Scheme)
* Worked with City West
* Grown fruit and vegetables

There is still plenty to do around school and we are hoping that soon we will be able to apply for our Green award.

Here are some ideas how you and your family can become eco-friendly at home:
* Get the children involved in sorting and recycling rubbish at home
* Use a garden composter - let the children add the waste and see the resulting compost.
* Save energy by switching off electrical items that are not being used. Don´t leave televisions on standby.
* Encourage everyone to save water e.g. don´t let the water run whilst cleaning your teeth.
* Walk to and from school whenever possible.

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