Robinwood November 2019

Date: 22nd Nov 2019 @ 12:58pm

Monday 25th November 2019 

10.59 a.m.The coach has arrived safely at Robinwood, everyone is getting ready for the first sessions of the day!

15.10 - just finished two activities, with a bit of drizzle in the air and the temperature is dropping!

17.08 - on our last activity before tea now. Rapids are doing the zip wire, Spring are doing archery, Waterfall are doing the high ropes challenge course and Stream are doing crate challenge. Everyone is having a brilliant time.

18.54 - Tea finished, we've given our compliments to the chef. Everyone agreed it was delicious! Now we've been fed it's time for Team Challenge.

21.50 - Everyone settled and the lights are out. We've got night lights for those who need them. They have been a pleasure to spend time with today and done school and parents proud. They have all had a go at every activity. A brilliant day. Looking forward to more of the same tomorrow. 

Tuesday 26th November 2019

07.30 - We're up and sat eating our cooked breakfasts! A quiet night, everyone is ready for day 2. Spring are canoeing first, Stream are on the night line, Waterfall are up for the crate challenge and Rapids are facing the Piranha Pool first. 
12.00 - Two activities done. Spent up at the Tuck Shop and now it's time for lunch. After we're on another three activities. First up for Spring is the High Ropes Challenge course, Waterfall are heading to the dungeon, Stream are scaling the climbing wall and it's Rapids turn for the Crate Challenge.

16.54 - We're all feeling tired after a full day of activities and there's still one more to do but it's a good one for all the groups. Spring are facing the dungeon, Rapids will be showing off their best Robin Hood skills at archery, Waterfall are scaling the climbing wall and Stream will be putting their problem solving to the test at Knights Quest. First time for tea; curry and rice or fish fingers, chips and peas or sweet corn. Delicious! 
21.10 - Team challenge done, Hot Chocolates and supper served and now it's time to pack our suitcases as there'll be no time tomorrow with more activities planned before we head home. Fingers crossed everything that came to Robinwood gets back home. 

Wednesday 27th November

8.20 - We're up, we're packed and we're enjoying our cooked breakfast before we head off for our first of three activities and then we'll be heading home to see you all and tell you all about it.

12.54 - So that is it! All of our activities done and now we're having our lunch before we head home. The children have been fantastic! They have given it their all, encouraged each other, supported each other and all got along so well. The Robinwood staff have all said how lovely they have been and how polite each and every one of them is. They have been a credit to you all. It has been a pleasure. You will be sent a text message when we are on our way letting you all know what time we should be back. Over and out from the Robinwood Team 2019.

A big thank you to all pupils for being good embassadors of St Paul's Peel CE Primary School and thank you to my fabulous staff for being there too.... from a very proud Miss Barker!

14.04 - Everyone is safely on the coach and ready to come home to you all!

14.17 -Estimated time of arrival is 3.20 pm, the coach may not be able to drive up Stocksfield Drive so they may be dropped off at the top of Stocksfield Drive

15.17 - Just off the motorway at Worsley... nearly here! 

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